How to Create Courses 

If your instance of ExpandShare includes the course builder (BETA), then you can create new courses.  Click the New Course button to get started.

Give your Course a Title as it will appear in the Course List.

On the next page, give the course a Title and Subtitle as it will appear to your team on their Home Page.

Every course has a course page which includes an image, a short description and a Table of Contents  (TOC).  You can define the image and description here.  You cannot upload an image directly to ExpandShare, but you can link to any existing image on the web. 

The TOC can be subdivided into Chapters, if you wish.  By default the first chapter is already created for you. You can add additional Chapters by clicking the Add Chapter buton.

The next step is to start adding content to your course.  Click the Plus button to choose the type of content you wish to add.  

Content Types include

  • Video Slide
  • Image Slide
  • Question
  • Text/HTML Slide
  • Knowledge Check
  • Confidence Survey
  • Satisfaction Survey

Choose the type of content and the content timeline will popluate with the selected items.  

You can then save your course as Draft or Publish it to make it available to be assigned as part of a Roadmap.


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